Dead Asylum formed in Vancouver, Canada in 2011. The band’s style combines elements of death and thrash with melodic and grooving overtones while echoing influences such as Kreator, Amon Amarth and Exodus.

Dead Asylum has become known for its throat-gripping riffs and rhythms and its energetic, balls-to-the-walls live performance. On top of tour dates around the US and Canada, they’ve shared the stage with thrashers Toxic Holocaust, Warbringer and Exmortus; Soulfly and Soilwork; Anvil; and festival dates with Suffocation, Beyond Creation, Bison BC and Holy Grail.

Dead Asylum’s second album, ‘Death Always Wins’ (2017) was recorded and edited by Roger Mowat at Jam Factory Studios in Port Coquitlam, BC and mixed and mastered by Chris “Hollywood” Holmes (Korn).

Heavy and melodic, the eight tracks on Dead Asylum’s debut album ‘General Carnage’ (2013) were produced by Nick Engwer and Brady D and mixed/mastered by Chris Holmes.

Songs range from thrashy headbangers, to technical compositions, to chantable, heavy metal anthems. Lyrical themes include revolution and political uprising, the apocalypse, and—as the band name alludes—twisted facets of the human psyche.

Samantha Landa proudly endorses Sabian cymbals and Los Cabos drumsticks.


Rhythm Guitar/Vox – Mike Lister
Bass/Vox – Roger Mowat
Lead Guitar – Eric Morrison
Drums – Samantha Landa

Dead Asylum 2017
“Dead Asylum [has] quickly gained a reputation and fan base in the local metal scene. Dual high and low guttural vocals are strong and fiercely brutal…”Abort Magazine
“General Carnage is an impressive debut, crisply recorded and crushing […] The disc features a menagerie of blistering blast beats, duelling cookie monster/gruff hardcore vocals and weaving guitar riffs, emulating Kreator and Amon Amarth.”BeatRoute Magazine
[Forgotten Sacrifice] is melodeath at its finest, with fantastic guitar work (the solo that starts at 3:59 is Revocation level of awesome), heart pounding drumming, and brutal vocals with the melodic edge needed. It’s a shock to me that this band isn’t more well known and respected in the Canadian metal scene, because they are one of the most skilled underground bands I’ve heard in ages.Audio Honesty

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